Something to make you Smile!

This is a short film that I ran across in another blog. I watched thought that it was really good and that it should be shared. So here you go!

Hope that it made you smile too!
Have a great day!


Jason V said...

Wow! Fantastic video!
I'm gonna have to paste to FB.

Jason V said...

did you see this one also? Related...

Our Blogs said...

Yeah, this is a great video. When I first sat down to watch it, I thought ... I'll watch a couple minutes of it ... but then it hooks you with the concept right from the 'get-go'.

I'll check out the other link you posted and see what it's about.

Catch you soon!


InkyFingers said...

That's cool. But I was thinking about all the rolls of film he dropped.... where's the romance in this house?