Interesting Diet tip

I had an interesting conversation at work today. One of my co-workers was asking about a local mountain bike area here in town, and I told him that I had ridden there a little bit.

He then told me that he was having a family contest where they each picked an item they wanted to get IF (and only if) they reached their weight goals.

You reach your goal ... you get the gift.

You miss your goal ... you DON'T get the gift.

The cool part of it was that the gifts were very cool. The gift he chose for himself was a mountain bike. And I don't mean a Walmart nickle-and-dimer. He said he wants a real bike that can take some abuse.

Now, to me ... that's a goal to get excited about. There's something I could really shoot for.

Anyhow, I thought it was an interesting idea ... to make your health and diet goals give you a REAL and TERRIFIC bonus - IF you actually reach the goal. I didn't catch any of the specific details from him, but I'm going to try and weasel some info out of him as the challenge progresses.

Very cool idea!


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Jason V said...

I don't get it. My reward: Living long enough to see grandkids. :)

I've seen people who do this, but they justify buying something that they can't afford in the first place.

I'm not losing weight right now, but not gaining either, so I guess I'm just happy where I'm at, even if it is near my highest weight when I graduated high school.