Another Airshow in Lakeland, Florida - Sun 'n Fun

Well isn't it strange...

We leave Hillsboro, Oregon and the killer airshow they have there every summer, only to find that Lakeland has one of it's own.

It's called the Sun 'n Fun.

The other strange / cool part about it, is that our house is only a few miles from the airport here in Lakeland. So we got some decent sound and views of the flying acrobatics.

We only grabbed a few pictures of the Thunderbirds for this year's show, from April 8th to 13th. These are right from our front yard though... not to shabby!

Talk to you soon.


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Jason V said...

Well, there are 'airshows' and then there are "AIRSHOWS".

It's tends to be a little more real when a plane crashes on a house less than 5 blocks from yours. :(