Re-Discovered - KILLER Mountain biking trails about 4 miles away from home

Many of you know I LOVE riding bikes.

Since we've been here in the heat infested lands of Florida, I haven't ridden a lot. Partly - the heat will just kill you if you ride in it, and you aren't used to it. But you will dehydrate very quickly, as well.


Today we ventured into a new park, and made an absolutely LOVERLY discovery.

Miles of mountain biking trails - and they're only about 4 miles from home.


I am just thrilled. I can't even believe it.

Here's some of the details, if you're interested:

Map by Yahoo

It used to be called the Carter Road Park Mountain Bike Trail.
NOW, it goes by:
The Loyce Harpe Park.

Here's a link to the map of the trails at the park.

Just in case anyone decides to visit and go for a ride with me...

Hint! Hint!

Jason... are you listening?



Jason V said...

Yes, I'm listening. Sounds like Forest Park... Just let me throw my bike into the belly of a belly plane... I'll be there in about 13 hours! :P

But on a serious note, if we happen to wonder that way during sabbatical, I'll be sure to look you up. How far are you from Disney World? Melissa and Casey Caddell are over there right now.

Our Blogs said...

Yeah - we're about 1 hour (roughly) from Disney World. We can get to the free area (Downtown Disney) in about an hour.

Also - it's about the same time to get to Sea World and / or Universal Studios. We're pretty close to Tampa's Busch Gardens (about 45 minutes), and Winter Haven's Cypress Gardens (about 30 minutes).

It would be cool to visit with Melissa and Casey (although I don't quite know them as well as you do), but I don't think we could make it over that way right now.

Later bro,