A Brief Visit from Oregon


I just wanted to drop a quick line, and say thanks...

To you!

For loving us, for calling us, for writing to us, for checking out our website, and most important of all - for praying for us.

This has definitely NOT been as easy a move as I was hoping it would. For all intents and purposes, there have been no positive indications, that say this was a good choice for us (just based on external factors).


Sometimes you have to step out, and have some faith.
And I think that is what we have done by coming here.

It was an absolute pleasure to have the Miller's stop in the other night, and visit us for awhile. We have only known them, and visited with them, over quick periods of time. But it has always been a pleasure to see them.

Jim has a very cool website, which I am always thrilled to chat about.
You can check it out at:

I could probably spend hours just talking to him about that, and yet there is SO MUCH more to say and discuss.

So their quick, couple hour visit was not even close to long enough. But I was SO happy to see them. They were encouraging, and hopeful, and a gift to see.

Anyhow - Thanks Jim and Edith for stopping by, just to say Hi.

We hope to see you again!

The spare 'oom' leaves a standing invitation for you to come stay. Since we took away from your Cape Canaveral visit, you can stay here when you visit. And you simply MUST go to Clearwater beach. And who knows what else you missed to come see us?

If you're out there thinking...
I would like to visit Florida - email me.
It's a great place to visit - but I'm not sure about the welcome you'll get if you decide to stay permanently.

Let's talk - and see what we can do.

All the best,

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