Speer family Christmas

Well - here's the Christmas update. Sorry it took so long to put up.

We'll start with Santa's set up - cookies, milk, and letters from the girls.

Here's a few of the girls getting some of their favorite stuff:

Kait's now into horses quite a bit - I'm sure this'll be a life-long dream she'll be carrying around forever. They also got some really nice jewelry and toys from their Grandparents. Another big hit this year is online buddies - like Webkinz and epets.

And then it was my turn...

Here's the girls giving one of their favorite lines right now.

"Open the Case" You might recognize that from 'Deal or No Deal'.

And here's me...

Opening some of my favorites.

Finally - here's me looking ever SO BEAUTIFUL.

Oh, yeah! I make it look good.

Talk soon,

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