Happy Sixth - Keekers...

It's funny how different kids can be - even within the same family.

As far as presents and events Kait is pure energy. She bounces off the walls and won't sit still. And then you have Keeley - she kind of sits there very somber and stoic. Almost as if she's debating the relevancy of the time/space continuum. It's hard to read her thoughts and ideas from the way her face looks.

Thankfully she's all girl, and she'll just come right out and tell you the truth just like the nose sitting right on your face.

Anyhow, she turned 6 a few weeks ago.

And here's a recap of the big day...

She wanted a Hello Kitty theme. For the most part, Christy captured that - but there was one thing we couldn't really get just right... the cake. So we had to settle for a Hello Kitty hobby - ballet. But Kee liked it well enough, and she was impressed mostly with the gorgeous colors of the cake, not really the picture on it.

And she didn't mind eating it either.

Finally, a few shots of Keeley opening up some of her gifts. I think she had a super day all the way around.


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