Edward Medard Park - Hillsborough County Park

Picture this...

It's the day after Christmas. You and your family are all sitting around the house. The excitement and energy of Christmas day have worn off a bit, and you've been watching TV for the last several hours.

You're kinda bored, but you're not sure what you want to do.

So, you decide to go out for a nice hike that's a few minutes drive away.

Here's a recap of your hike - if you just happen to live in Central Florida.

Medard Park has a pretty nice playground area, and a neat little biking / exploring area for kids right near the entrance.

Here's the girls climbing on some of the play equipment here:

And then here we are exploring this neat little trail area, directly behind the playground equipment:

Finally, we actually made it onto the trail. Which turned out to be a horse trail, more than a hiking trail. Not a whole lot to see... besides the rear ends of a few horses. Unfortunately, it took us about a half hour walking around exploring before we even figured out how to get onto the horse trail to hike it.

It definitely WAS NOT clearly marked. But for all I know we could have been the only people who've hiked the trail in the last 6 months. Pretty much every one who rode by on a horse looked surprised to see us.

One nice girl actually asked if we had lost our horses back along the trail somwhere?

One thing I will say about hiking in Florida...

It's very anti-climatic.

You know, when you hike near mountains and other natural wonders (in states with more than a 30 foot vertical rise in elevation), you get to see some amazing, even inspiring things. But here, when you get to the end of the hike, you're not really gonna see any landscape more impressive than when you started.


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