A Real Modern Day Miracle - Part 1


I'm not sure if you caught my previous post about teaching?

If not - you can check out my teaching dream here.


I wanted to be a teacher since I was a junior in high school. But through things we call 'life' I've pursued other interests and professions instead. In fact, I never thought I would return to teaching again. And I definitely never planned to go back to college and take the year (or more) it would have taken to become a teacher.


Through nothing I could have ever planned or imagined, the first steps of a teaching career have blossomed right in front of my eyes.

Is it a miracle?

Maybe, maybe not. To me... YES!

Why - because I could have NEVER planned, nor caused it to happen the way it did.

Here is where I sit right now...

I just received this:

Congratulations, you have completed the Substitute Teacher requirements for the Polk County School Board District

In addition to this, I've also received this:
An 'Official Statement of Eligibility Status' that says I AM eligible to receive my temporary 3 year certification for the State of Florida.

In other words - I am now qualified to become a substitute teacher, PLUS I am also eligible to become a temporarily certified teacher in Florida.

So - that is the start of the miracle that began 2 months ago. There are 3 more parts... 1. When I start substituting, 2. When I start teaching as a temporary / permanent teacher, and 3. When I become an officially certified teacher.

I'll keep you posted.

And most importantly...

Thank you God, for doing the impossible. I never would have dreamt it was possible.


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InkyFingers said...

Congratulations!! You deserve it and are going to be a great teacher!