Another trip to Downtown Disney World

Not too long ago, we decided to make another short day trip back down to Downtown Disney.

I actually like heading over towards Orlando. It seems like a quick, short trip - that usually ends in a visit to Chipotle (YUMMM!) They don't have Chipotle here in Lakeland.

Anyhow, Disney was pretty cool. In fact, there is a place down there that I've heard of but never seen before - House of Blues. It's a pretty cool looking, ecclectic place with a very industrial/rustic feel. I can see, just from looking at it, why it's so popular.

Hey Mark... if you're out there reading, you might appreciate this place.

And here, you can see how cushie the Disney employees have it...


Here's a few other shots of interest. Some more interesting than others.

First - Planet Hollywood's better side..

Next - Richard Petty's Driving School Car Advertisement

And then - Cirque Du Soleil

Also - some crazy arch with an artifact from home

And last... A few pics of the girls

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