Always a Dreamer


It's strange for me to write this.

Have you ever had a lifelong dream, or goal, you wanted to achieve?
One that you laid aside as impossible?

Maybe touring Europe?
Maybe hiking across the Himalayas?
Maybe owning a Harley?
Or how about graduating from college?

Who knows...

Some dreams seem too big. Too improbable.

Maybe you have one inside of you?

I have been out of work for almost 6 months - Nov. 15 or so will be 6 months. Like so many people across America, we could be in a completely painful place. To be honest... it does hurt.

But - there is one thing this move has done for me.

It has birthed a dream I once had, that was totally and completely dead.

When I was a junior in high school, I took a class from Ms. Stribling. In that class, an idea was born inside of me to become a teacher. After college, I tried to take more classes and get back into teaching, but the timing and life circumstances just laid that idea to the side.

I thought... forever.




About the only positive experience that has come out of Florida, for me, is a rebirth of that dream. I am saying this now, on the front side of teaching. I am NOT a teacher yet. I may not become one. But, I can truthfully say, if I am able to become a teacher through all of this -- that alone could be the entire reason we feel God has sent us here.

Strange? Yes! Miraculous? Maybe - depending on who you ask.

I can tell you one thing... if I become a teacher, it will be through absolutely ZERO planning and forethought by me coming here. It will come through purely outer circumstances that I had no idea were there.

I leave you with this...

My good friend - Rob Goodwin - wrote a song that embraces everything I've just said. I'm listening to it right now. I love it!

The song says it like this...
But unless the dream you're holding falls to the ground,
and it dies.
And gets buried up, just like a seed...
and you walk away forever.
You'll never know the wonder that this new life can be...

Listen to this song here:
Say You Will

I've travelled all over the U.S. now, and I've been to hundreds of churches. BUT I've still never met anyone who captures the spirit of worship, in music, like Rob does. Live performance - no one can touch him compared to what I've experienced during Rob's worship time.

Learn more about Rob here.

More to come...

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