This is NOT us! - Just in case you were worried

Hi everyone,
You may have heard of 4 people being killed in a traffic accident with a train in Lakeland, Florida.

We were not involved. We're still here. We are still alive.
I've gotten a couple calls already, so I wanted to make sure you were informed.

Ironically, I did help a lady move her stalled van out of the middle of Florida Ave. yesterday. And we also got caught in a short traffic jam that involved an ambulance and a big pickup truck coming back from the store. So it looks like yesterday may have been a full moon, or some other notorious day.

Thanks to everyone who worries about us.
We love you!


Lakeland Traffic Accident
Down towards the bottom are the names and ages of some of the kids involved.

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InkyFingers said...

That's horrible. I can't believe that people actually just drove off after that! How could they do that?