It is a different world!

I knew that moving to Florida would be different for us but I really had no idea how different untill we got here. Our favorite saying seems to be, It is a different world here. We use it several times a day. Everything and I mean everything is different. the weather for instance. It is very warm here, as I am sure you all know but what we are lwarning is this is the reainy season. Every day starts out beautiful and sunny with maybe a few white puffy clouds in the sky. But everyday there are thunder and lightning storms. Most with rain several without. The dark cloude will just kinda move in and it will thunder and lightning like mad. It is really strange. And when it reains it really rains. It is usually for only 20-30 min or so of rain but it will just come down in buckets. And when it rains and storms here it dowes not cool down one bit. So it turns into this awfull steamy wetness all over. That is not so fun.
Another thing that is different here is the wild life! there are way more birds here and they are tons bigger. There are more frogs here that are loud! Just the other night we figured out that what we had been hearing was not a dog going nuts but frogs! They do not even sound like the frogs back home. Infact here is one of the little frogs here.
We have been told that they are called pee frogs, but I am not sure that is the real name. I don't think that these are the biggest noise makers. we have seen several much bigger kinds around out place. Thankfully I have not seen too many lizards and no snakes. I am not looking forward to that day.
And yet a nother difference. this one is a great thing! The beaches!! They are wonderfull! a couple of days ago we went to Tampa. It is only about 30 min away from us here. We drove over to the Gulf where we had been a few years back when we were visiting. It was wonderful!! We ended up gettinng to this beach inthe evening but because it never really cools off here it was still plenty warm to swim!
You know how when you go to get in the water somewhere like a lake, river or ocean you kinda hold you breath and brace yourself for the coolness. We that is just what I was doning when I went to get in the water here. I mean after all I was getting into the ocean. But the crazy thing is that the water was really warm. I don't just mean warm, I mean WARM like bath water! It was so crazy. I am not sure whatI really think of thatpart. It is nice to not be shocked when you get in the water But it is not that refreshing either. Kinda strange!
Here are a few photos of us from the Clearwater beach on the Gulf of Mexico.
Unfortunatly there was another storm moving in on us so we headed out just after sunset. I am sure that we will be back. Infact if any of you come to visit we will mostlikely take you to this beach as it is the best on the Gulf side!
Here is one last shot just before we left.
Well so here is some other news... I, Chris, got a job! I will be working at an emergency veterinary hospital. I will be working nights! I am not totally sure of my schedule as I am going in tonight for my first night and they will tell me about hours then. I am happy! It was super easy to get the job. I took in a resume and the following day they called me to come in and fill out an application. I did and the DR took me back right then and did an interview. They called a couple of days later and tonight I am goin in! YEAH!! It will be part time as all of the Tech they have ther are part time. It might could work in to more but we will see how they are first.
There is another emergency vet clinic here in town that I will take a resume in to as well. I think for a little while if possible I will try to work both places, part time, and see where I may fit in the best.
So with that I am off to get ready for work!


InkyFingers said...

Wow! Congratulations! You beat Al.

Christine said...

Congratulations on finding a job so quickly!! I wish you much luck, hapiness and many blessings in your new home!! We miss you!!