The Destination

Hey everyone,
I've put it off long enough, and we have actually arrived at our final destination. So here is the latest on our journey's end...

Or maybe it's still just the beginning?

We rolled into Florida to shouts and elation from everyone. In all actuality it is super hot here, but I think I disliked the Missouri heat more.

Anyhow, we spent the first few days with the Roberts, at their house. They actually left to stay with Fonda's Mom, while we ransacked their place. I wasn't expecting them to just abandon their house like that, so I gotta say thanks so much to Dan and Fonda, and all the kids for letting us take over their house for a while. We appreciated it.

And then, after a few short days, we found ourselves in a lovely, new 2 bedroom apartment.

This picture is right inside the doorway. You look to the left to the kitchen and what is supposed to be a dining area. We will probably use the space next to the kitchen for a working craft and computer area.

Here's the scene from the front door.
Straight back is the main bedroom. Just to the right, inside the hall is the girls bedroom. And you can see the living room to the right of the picture there. Just to the right of the wall is a sliding door which goes out onto a little deck. It's pretty much so hot here we don't hardly ever go on the deck unless we're feeling freakishly brave.

And then this is the front room and entry way from the hallway. It's a nice, bright, cheery, white place. We're going to be here for the next 8 months, so it should be very exciting. And if you're sitting there falling asleep on me...

The next picture is the money shot.

Actually, I don't know if the view is that great, but it's still a very pretty sunset. This is the view from the deck / porch out the sliding window.

Talk soon,


Carla said...

That is one funky looking tree outside your window! I could spend some time staring at that! What's the dead thing next to it? Doesn't matter anyway, because the sunset is stunning.

InkyFingers said...

Nice to see where you are hangin your hat.

TVPhoto said...

So, weren't you supposed to attend some wedding somewhere along your travels? Did you ever make that?