Indianapolis - The love of the road at the Crossroads of America

Ever since we left Santa Fe, New Mexico our trip had seemed to hit a slowly sinking threshold of enjoyment. Almost like you might experience sledding down a monstrous mountain on a snow sled...

at first, it is amazing, exhilarating, awe-inspiring, and every moment is just like gulping fresh pure energetic oxygen.

But as you plummet down the steep grade your excitement quickly fades into utter and sheer terror as you realize you're travelling headlong, at 100 miles an hour, at those massive trees, immovable rocks, and no prospects for braking directly ahead.

In the same way, heading east across America had been a quick descent into terrible heat, humidity, sometimes unintelligible southern accents, and a host of other unknowns.

And that is why Indianapolis was such a breath of fresh air, and a last gulp of refreshment before we started into our new life. It was nice to finally see familiar and friendly faces, to stay inside of 4 solid walls again, and to feel cool air. But at the same time it was almost like a call to finish the trip as soon as humanly possible, because the thought of staying in the sticky, nasty, sweltering humidity another night became unthinkable.

Here are our quarters in Indianapolis. Provided, and deeply appreciate by us, by Gary's Father and Mother, Gary and Judy Reinwald. Gary Sr., or Judy, if you ever read this...
Thank You from the bottom of our hearts for such great friendliness and hospitality to all of us. Even though you don't really know us, you still treated us like family. Thank you!

Needless to say, after we left Indianapolis we tried to take the straightest and fastest route directly into Florida. We didn't pass go, and we certainly didn't collect $200. All we wanted, at that point, was to finally get to our final destination - Florida.

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Carla said...

Good to hear more about your trip. I'm sure that after the amazing things you first saw, the midwest was a real bore! That would certainly make even the most determined traveller long for home. I hope you guys are finding Florida welcoming and enjoyable. You'll get used to the humidity, I promise!