Amazing NEW Discovery - Evolution Proven Wrong!

As I wrote about a few days ago - I studied archaeology in college so I have an immediate and real interest in evolution. In fact I had many, many hour long conversations with my college professors about the validity of evolution, and the impact that theory has on a person's morals and beliefs.

If you are totally honest and 100% truthful, the logical conclusion of evolution is moral relativism. What does that mean? Whatever is right for you is right for you, irregardless of who is hurt by it. Now I know you'll want to say... no we all have to take care of each other, but you MUST admit that true evolutionary thinking leads to 100% moral relativism - END OF STORY!

Anyhow, here is the major teaching of evolution...
If you understand evolution, then you MUST believe uniformitarianism.

Uniformitarianism - the present is the key to the past - in other words we MUST base every thing we see from the past, by the natural processes we see today.

- At some point in the past fossil preservation occurred on HUGE scales, and today we have NO (that's very, very little) observable fossilization happening anywhere in the world.
- Frozen mammoth preservation CAN NOT be explained by any modern natural processes.
- Extinctions of strong, well-established groups of animals no longer occurs.
- Petrified logs are not occurring anywhere in the world today.
- Polystratic trees, or trees that cross multiple layers of soil, that should have decomposed over the time it takes to lay multiple layers of soil doesn't occur today.
- Ephemeral markings, things like rain drops and wave ripples, are no longer seen to be preserved because they are so short lived.
- Preserving of soft parts in fossil is unheard of in this day, because the tissue decays so fast.

What this means is that the BASIC underpinning of uniformitarianism is in complete jeopardy.

And I didn't even talk about radioactive decay and its problems (see pictures below). And believe me... there are problems.

I'm not going to say this proves evolution is wrong for you, but you have GOT to look at it a little more open-mindedly - because I'm pretty sure the things my college professors taught me didn't include any of the doubts I just told you about up above.

Check out - The Collapse of Evolution, by Scott M. Huse, and the Creation Museum in Lexington, Kentucky for a little bit more radical opinion on the matter.

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