Thursday Publix deals!

I did really well at Publix today! It seems like for the last few weeks there just has not been much that was all that good that I wanted to buy. I still had great savings but just not a ton of things. But that was all different today! And not only that they had everything in stock that I wanted, I had a wonderful cashier and the ladies behind me in line where congratulating me on my savings. As well as being completely blown away by the final price that I paid.
Here is everything that I got. It filled half my dining room table!!
The total for all this before sales and coupons was $167.13. And after sales and coupons the total was$15.14!! A savings of 91%! Also I paid with the Gift card that I won, so nothing out of pocket again this week!  I have used a little over half of my gift card so far. I am excited when it is done to add up the totals and see how much I really got with that $100.00 gift card. I think it will be huge!! What a blessing from God! The Success rice purchase is part of a rebate offer, So I will be sending this receipt in for a $5.00 rebate.
And here is the list of everything I got and the final prices for each thing.

4- Bottles Welches Grape juice,  .99 each
2- Bottles Vitamin D,  FREE with 2.00 dollar overage
2- Boxes Success Rice, ..69 each
8- Boxes Uncle Bens Long grain rice, FREE
2- Loaves Natures Own Wheat Bread, 1.25 each
1- Sure Deoderant, FREE with .11 cent overage
2- Muller Whole Wheat Penne Pasta,  .15 each
4- Muller Whole Wheat Spaghetti ,  .15 each
2- Cartons College Inn Broth,  .24 each
6- Bags fast Fixin Chicken Nuggets,  1.00 each
2- Bags Tostitos Tortilla Chips,  3.00 each
2- Jars Tostitos salsa,    Free
2- Dove Shampoo and conditioner,  1.04 each
2- Dove Hair Mouse ,  Free
2- McCormick Spice Grinders, FREE with .10 cent overage
2- Bottles All Small and Mighty Laundry soap, .24 each
1- Box Kashi Granola Bars,
2- Boxes Kashi cereal,
3- Boxes Kashi cereal, 1.00 each
1- Yoplait Greek Yogurt,  FREE with .30 cent overage
 That is a total of 52 items!
If you are thinking that the math is off, I used a $10.00 off coupon in addition to all the other coupons. So That made for the total saving of 91%!!

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Allan said...

That is awesome, but what about those of us who don't have a publix nearby. Where would you suggest we start?