Pine Derby Payback

Last year, the Speer family did excellent at the AWANA pine derby races.  The girls took home trophies for best design and for speed.  You can check out that post here.  Both girls won trophies for both categories.

However, this year was quite a bit different.  The girls designed killer cars.

The cars turned out pretty cool.  At least the girls had fun designing and painting them.

However, we didn't end up pimping out the speed capabilities of the body or wheels.  So, you can see they ended up with some rather dismal results.

Thankfully the girls weren't too terribly disappointed.  Oh ... they were bummed out by losing so badly.  But, they were more bummed out that they hadn't won for design concept.  At the end of the night, the best thing they could say was ... 'at least we got to build them'.

And Kait has already set her mind determinedly on an innovative design for next year.  And she wants to enlist the help of my buddy (Tim), for some pine derby speed tips and tricks.  So, I guess, maybe they took losing a little harder than they let on?

Here's a little bit of the action from our night:

Talk soon!


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