We took the girls to our first outdoor Harvest Party. The first time that we have ever been able to go to a Harvest party outdoors and it was great! It has been warm but cloudy here for the last several days but yesterday was finally sunny.
Kaitlyn decided to be a Cowgirl.

And Keeley was a Snow Princess. Kinda crazy considering we moved to Florida!

Here are a few shots of the action. Kait taking aim...
The girls getting their faces painted...

And last but not least picking out the loot!

This Sunday Al And I are going out on a date. For his Birthday I got tickets to a Buccaneers game here in Tampa. So we get to spend the day together at a football game! My first and I think Al's too. I am really looking forward to going and checking it all out. And as always taking photos!! So be on the look out for them!
Have a good day all and don't let yourselves get too cold!

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plebayo said...

Eeeek yay I can comment :D

This is Suz!

Anyway the girls' costumes are adorable!