Our first visitors have come and gone.

Our first visitors have left the state. The Miller's stopped in for a visit with us over the last week. We dropped them off at the airport this morning - so as far as I know they are no longer here.

It was great to finally see some more familiar faces. People who actually have been in the Pacific Northwest, and can tell us about adventures from home. So... in a way it was great to have them here, but it's also been bittersweet to see them go.

Unfortunately, I am a little leary of spending our money (since I'm a lazy bum and not working yet) so I had to squash a few big outting plans we had.

Thank goodness we at least did a few fun things while they were here.

Maybe most impressive was right here next to the apartments...

A big gator just hanging out.

Here it is from the far side of the lake. You can get an idea of the size with the car and other bird on the electric post there on the left.

And here it is from a little closer up. It still doesn't give you too great of an indication of the size of this one, but I think Crocodile Hunter, Steve Irwin would have been proud to wrestle this one around. It was definitely more intimidating than some of the other little things we've seen. This one could do some serious damage even to an adult.

Love you guys,


InkyFingers said...

We had a wonderful time and enjoyed every adventure! Thank you for putting up with us.

Shana said...

Okay, this is getting serious! I think you had better come back home now before you get gobbled up or otherwise hurt. :) How was thanksgiving? Did you go see Daniel and his family? Gloria was sick, so she and Dwaine didn't make it over. Alan and Sam came, and james and his girlfriend. That was about it for the younger group. We missed you. Hope you all had a nice time. Love Mom