A New Neighbor Checks Out.

We were out running around town the other day, and came home around noon. Coming up to the apartment... people are standing around - freaked out about a new neighbor:

A Water Moccasin.

This is right outside our apartment - right at the foot of our stairs.

This is only the second snake we've seen since we've been here.
Unfortunately, this snake greets the same treatment as the first snake we saw... which is now flattened on Florida Avenue up near Memorial right here in town.

Here is how this water moccasin snake checked out of the apartment complex.

Not exactly the most humane way to go. Considering there's a huge natural habitat right behind the apartments that probably houses tens or hundreds more of these snakes, I would figure they could just relocate it back over there...

But I guess folks around here don't really like that idea?


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InkyFingers said...

ahhh.... I hope he doesn't have any siblings that want to come and visit around November 10th!