Great write up on Steak n Shake Knoxville

Check out the great write up on my amigo - Gary, and his Steak n Shake stores in Knoxville, TN.
While we don't venture up into his neck of the woods too often, we did spend some time with Gary a couple of years ago, and we ate at his Steak n Shake Turkey Creek location.
Being in Knoxville, he is right in the foothills of the Smoky Mountain National Park. That is exactly why we ended up in his backyard (see more from the Speer family's Smoky Mountain visit)
If you ever find yourself stopping into one of the most heavily visited free National Parks in America, you might check out one of Gary's restaurants in Knoxville. And, yeah, you can probably tell him I suggested you stop in.
But... I gotta warn you.
The last time I visited, he put me to work cutting up tomatoes... so I'm not sure if knowing me will help you out.

Nice one Gary!

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