More Pictures of the Endless Summer Watermelon Ride in St. Augustine

This one took me a while to put up, but I finally got a chance to add a little bit more about the St. Augustine Cycling Festival 20th annual Endless Summer Watermelon Ride.

They had routes that passed thru St. Augustine. It is one of the most amazing historic towns, America's oldest continuously occupied city.
Some of the special sponsors were:
  • SERF motorcycle escorts
  • Champion Cycling
  • About Bicycles
  • Lakeshore Cycling
  • Open Road Bicycles
  • Donovan Heat and Air
  • Bicycles Etc.
  • City Cycle
  • BikeFitters
You can visit the NFBC website for more details about the ESWR and the Cycling Festival.

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Jason V said...

When are you guys going to get a tandem and ride together?

Jason V said...

I guess your new post answers that question? :)

Al and Christy Speer said...

Yeah, I haven't said much about it. However, we posted up a short video of a Tandem test ride we did a couple months ago. We did end up buying that bike. And that's the bike we took on the trip.

By the way, it's a very interesting thing to ride a tandem. Apparently, for the rear rider, it's a totally different experience to NOT be in control of the bike. Christy could probably explain that part better.

I can say, Keeley was excellent as the back rider. Maybe it helps that she is SO laid back and easy going. She pretty much let me take the lead and run with it.

For me, the strangest part of the tandem, is when the rear rider stops pedaling (or if they keep their feet still) you can't pedal from the front. It's the strangest feeling, to try and pedal, but the pedals won't move. You reef on them, and they just sit there - not budging. Almost like they've rusted stuck. To me, that's been the hardest part to get used to.