More deals this week grocery trip...

So this week I hit up both Winn Dixie and Publix.
There is a sale at Winn Dixie for this barbecued pulled pork. I usually don't buy this type of thing but since it was free., well then why not?  They are on sale for Buy one Get on Free. And I used a blinkie coupon that is also for Buy one Get one so they were both free!! I went 2 times and I was able to get 10 packages. I have a couple more coupons so I will try and hit them up again before the sales ends.There are only 9 in the photo because we had one for dinner. The rest went in the freezer. SO much for clearing the freezer out before Hurricane season is here.
Total before sales and coupons $59.90. Total our of pocket 0.00!! Total saving 100%!!!

Then at Publix I got this...
Unfortunately I already sent the receipt in for a rebate offer and I lost the paper that I wrote down all me savings amount. But I do remember that I savings was $120.00 and I had a total saving of 91%.  And I sent in for a Kraft rebate of $10.00. And the Mini Wheats cereal I will use to get free movie tickets! So it was kinda like I was paid to shop yet again!
I got:
4- Boxes Frosted Mini Wheats $1.25 each
2- Gallons Sweet tea $1.14 each
5- Shick Razor 2packs FREE with $1.01 overage each!
4- Bic Razors 4 packs FREE with .56 overage each!
2- packs Q-tips .15 each
2- Ocean spray juice .99 each
8- Packs Rice .12 each
1- Bag Snyder's pretzels .50
4- Kraft salad dressings .24 each
2- Lowers marinades .11 each
4- Kraft Bar-B-Q sauces .07 each
4- Oscar Meyer hot dogs .49 each
2- Edys ice cream $1.55 each
4- Cool Whips .36 each
2- Heluv-a-good dips FREE
4- Planters Grover Cashews FREE with overage .25 each

The $10.00 rebate is a Kraft Summer food rebate. Unfortunatly the only way to get the rebate form is from Kraft First Taste Panel and they have to send it to you. So I can't direct you to a place to print it. But the Fee Movie tickets offer is just on the boxes of marked Kellogs boxes. So you can cash in on that deal yourself!

Thanks for letting me share again!

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