Money making at Target!

So I finally made it to Target for all the great gift card deals that they have going. The last day for the sales is this Saturday so you still have just a bit of time to get these deals for yourself!
I paid $16.84 out of pocket for all of this but I got back $25.00 in target gift cards! So that is a Money Maker of $8.16! 
Here is the break down and the coupons that I used:
  10- Smart Ones frozen meals. On sale for 1.84 each, Buy 10 get a $5.00 gift card. I used this coupon $5/10 Here  These actually taste really good and are perfect for work lunches!
3- Olay regenerest facial wash 5.99 each
3- Olay Toners. 2.99 I am not sure if these are sale prices or not but when you buy 2 you get a free $5.00 gift card. I used 3 $5.00 off Olay regenerest coupons from a P&G rebate coupon book and for the Toners I used a $1.00 off any Olay cleanser from the 5-16 SS insert.
10- Sobe life waters are on sale for 1.00 each and when you buy 10 you get a Free $5.00 Gift Card.
There is a great BOGO coupon. Here and a Target store coupon for .50 off one on the Target site. I had Al print out 2 of the BOGO and 2 of the Target coupons so that I could use them all in the transaction.
1- Bounty basics paper towles .99 and I used a coupon from an insert a few weeks ago. Sorry I don't remember what one. But it was A Target store coupon. I was happy tp see these restocked because I had gotten some before and they were never back in stock to get my last free one! No gift card deal with this one.
The total after coupons for all of the above was 26.84 and I used 2 other gift cards from prior purchases. Then I got back 5 more $5.00 gift cards for another time!
Sometimes Target is just awesome for deals. I so love being able to get them at one of my favorite places to shop!
I think that I may go back and get some more of the Smart ones and Sobe waters. But I will have to see how our Saturday is first.
Let me know if you get any of these deals, or others that are there this week!

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Super Coupon Lady said...

Great Shopping! Don't you just love Target!?!?!