Todays Grocery trip!

I think that today I had my best grocery trip yet. Well at least for the amount of items that I was able to get. There was a trip that I had earlier this month that was for yogurt that was free but since that was just for the one thing I guess it is a bit different.  Anyhow...

Today's trip was all this. The total put of pocket was $11.86 and the total savings was $134.23!! That is 92% savings  people! What a blessing! The checker was just shocked at the total savings and how little I spent. And she went over each and every coupon because she is fairly new to the store and she wanted to make sure all the coupons matched up. That kinda bugs me because it can take so much extra time. But I know that I have been very careful and make sure that the coupon wording matches what I am purchasing so I know it will stand up to the scrutiny. It can just take so much more time but I will wait for that kind of savings I guess!
Here  is what I got...
14 packs of Yo-plus yogurt
8 cans of Rotel Tomatoes
2 packs of Knox gelatin
2 pack of phyzeme
2 chobani Greek Yogurts
2 A-1 steak sauce
2 Kraft Bar-B-Q sauce
4 Sundown Vitamins
3 packs of chinet plates
2 packs of Ronzoni macaroni noodles
2 packs Jolly time popcorn
2 bottles Hidden valley Ranch
2 Tyson cooked pot roast
4 Eight-o-clock coffee
2 Craisins Dried cranberries

The things that were free were the chinet plates, and the Chobani Greek yogurts. The things that were free with overage were, the 4 sundown vitamins (4.00 overage) the Phyzeme (2.00 overage) and the Knoxx gelitan (5.22 overage!) That is $11.22 WOW!
The rest just ended up being very little after coupons and sales. 53 items for $11.86!
God is good all the time!

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