Guess Who's Cutting the Cheese Now?

As some of you may know ...

I am a HUGE cheese fan.  I have always loved it.  Maybe it had to do with growing up a few miles from one of the best ... (scratch that) ... THE BEST cheese factory in America.  Cheese has always been one of my fetishes.

When we lived in Oregon we visited the Tillamook cheese factory many times.  That was always a tour worth taking - in my honest opinion.  And since we've left Oregon, I rarely get to enjoy good stuff of this quality.

But that all changed recently.

First, my Grandma hooked me up with 4 pounds of the lovely goodness when we were visiting her in Oregon.  At the time, I was like ... YAY!  Thank you SO much Grams!  Love it!

And then just this week, my Parents (Chris' folks) dropped a huge cheese bomb on me.  They sent over 15 pounds of Heavenly manna for me to eat.  Yes ... me.  I'm not afraid to say I'll probably end up eating most of it myself.  I am the only one in the house who can cut this cheese as it was meant to be cut.

I have always been proud of my cheese cutting abilities, and now hopefully, I'll be doing a lot more practicing.

By the way ...
If you ever feel the need to send me anything from the Northwest - say as a gift, or anything like that - please check out the picture above.   Those black cheese packs in the bottom left of the picture - those things are THE BOMB!  Love 'em!  Those are Aged 'to perfection' cheddar cheese.


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Jason V said...

You were always a little "Cheesy".
Cutting the Cheese. Smackin the cheese. YOu know.

However, for a daily cheddar, we've been eating Bandon medium cheddar most of the time. Nice and Tangy! (and only $4.50 for 2 lbs at Costco)