Here's a Cutting Edge Electric Bike

Here's another example of the direction that electric bicycles are going. This one is a space aged example of the future.

It reminds me of something you might see from an old Star Wars show, or something like that.

I thought it was intriguing. I hope you like it.

OF course, rather than buy the $5000 bike, I think I'd rather pick up a scooter ... like a Vespa or something like that. Maybe even a motorcycle.
I guess you wouldn't have to pay for licensing on something like this though.
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Electric Mini-Two Wheelers


Electric Mini-Two Wheelers - The Yike Bike is the Solution to Urban Congestion (GALLERY)

The question of urban mobility has always been “how am I going to get from reasonably close point A to reasonably close point B?” The solution is the Yike Bike.

The strange looking Yike Bike is a foldable, electric powered, and carbon frame high seated mini two wheeler. Weighing in at 22 lbs., the Yike Bike is easily maneuvered, and features electric brakes with an anti-skid system. Aside from looking thoroughly silly on one, the only other draw back is the hefty price tag of $4,900. And you can’t even pop a wheelie on it.

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