Grocery Bike Redo

I was talking about bikes that you can use to gather up grocery supplies when you go shopping.

And then I saw this new bike concept ... designed to let you carry stuff on the front end. It's a pretty cool idea. It has what looks like a skate board deck mounted on the front frame of the bike. Apparently wide enough to hold a bag of groceries.
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Bullitt bike puts cargo space on two wheels
Bullitt bike puts cargo space on two wheels
there's basically no storage room on a bike. It's very difficult to go to the grocery store on your bike, for example. That's not the case with the Bullitt.

Bullitt is a bike, sure, but it doesn't look much like any bike I've seen before. In front it's got a huge cargo space, enough to hold all sorts of groceries if you so desired. Sure, it's probably difficult to store and not as maneuverable as a normal bike, but what are your priorities?

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Jason V said...

There were many, many bikes like this in Copenhagen, but they weren't as sleek looking. Same design though, maybe just a little shorter.

I wonder if I would use one if I had it. Maybe if I had a rain-fly / hood over the front.