Cool Question

Every morning, I ride my bike past the same intersection. In Florida, some intersections have traffic cops who patrol particular lights to protect the pedestrians walking by, because they are right beside public schools.

So, I see this same officer almost every day of the week. Most days we just pass by and say hi.

This morning, he says ... "Hey, do you ride your bike all day? I saw you riding around last night too."

It shocked me a little bit.
Of course, I ride to work, and then back home again at the end of the day.

Anyhow, I told him ... "Nope, just riding home from work. But ..." I added "that would a GREAT job."

Mostly - I thought it was one of the coolest questions anyone has ever asked me before. I was thrilled to be asked. Not to shabby!

It's given me a new mission to pursue ... how to ride my bike and make money at it. I probably won't let you know how it goes, though ... because I don't figure it'll be happening anytime soon.


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Jason V said...

Dan Miller likes to tell a story.
A man who was soon to retire from the Navy was considering teaching 'again', but really didnt' want to. His wife asked him "if you could do anything all day, what would it be?", his answer? "I'd sit around and read history books". The result?

He reads old books and records them, then sells the recordings. He reads Henty books primarily, which are now Public Domain.

So, the quetion is "How can you make a living riding your book all day?", or "how can you become financially Free so that you can ride all day". :)