Teaching - the Ups and Downs

Hi again...

Just a quick little update on my new career move.

It's definitely NOT the pay I was hoping for. And it doesn't seem like the kids really care about having me there - :-) - But it's still pretty cool.

One day - earlier in the week - I had 2 girls who refused to do something I asked them to do...

SIT DOWN in their seats.

It was fairly frustrating for me. I came home pretty bummed that day.

BUT - the next day I asked an administrator how I should handle it, because I know good-and-well it's going to happen again. I can just guarantee it. So he gave me a few ideas - including getting back-up help, sending them to the office, writing them up, and a few other choice options.


The next couple days have gone MUCH smoother. I've had the absolute pleasure of writing up 4 kids now for detention who - after repeated warnings - refused to do something I was asking.

Man - does that feel good. And I don't feel the slightest bit of guilt, because I am WAY more lenient than their regular teachers.

It's funny... I am definitely NOT a confrontational person. But having these kids just sit there and talk over you, and other blatant nonsense like that, makes me really fired up to unleash all kinds of unpleasant-ness onto them.


Most of my classes have been with middle schools, which are going pretty good.

I really enjoyed working at the high school level last week. I even got the chance to hang out in a computer / biz. ed. tech classroom for a few hours - which was totally cool. Just based on my website experience I could really enjoy teaching those types of classes.

Talk soon,

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Jason V said...

Hmmm... IF I remember correctly, you were an angel student. Perfect in every way. It's probably easier for people who were stinkers to understand the psyche of the troublemakers and know how to tweak their style. :)