Students - You GOTTA love em


I had a great little story to tell you about. It happened, at school, the other day...

Imagine - standing in front of a classroom of 25 high school kids. All of them sitting at separate desks. They're actually listening to you, because class has just started. They actually care what you have to say because a grade could depend on it. (COULD being the operative word)


You start to say something to them, when you realize there's some sort of high pitched music coming from somewhere in the room.

You stop.

You scan the room - looking for something, anything that could be causing the strange sound.

You see...


All of the students are actually looking at you - intent on hearing every word you are about to say.

That's Strange!
What is going on - you think?

But still - there's that sound.
Is it in the classroom, or is it outside somewhere?

But it's so loud - there's no way it could be outside.

You know it's music now, but you're not sure where it's coming from. Or who could possible be playing their headset so loud.

So - in an uncertain gesture - you look directly into the eyes of the kid sitting closest to you. He's looking at you with expectation on his face. As if he's been waiting all day to hear the words you're about to speak.

You realize that he has long hair, and that you can't see his ears.


You ask...

Are you listening to music?

Still looking at you as if all the world is at peace, he replies...


And then a sly little smile crosses his lips, as he realizes...

He's been busted!

He almost got away with it.


Another day as a teacher.
I love it!


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