Home update...

Hi again,

Just a quick update on that home post.

We did put in an offer on a home. It took 2 days for a response - and the response...

The bank took the home off the market, after receiving our offer, and decided they would rather sell it at auction.

So that home is a no go - as are the other ones we had listed.

Sorry for the mis-information. That is exactly why we have never liked sharing details too early in the process. It makes me feel like 'the little boy who cried wolf'.


The search continues - we looked at 2 other possibles today.

Here's one:
Lakeland home #1

And the other:
Lakeland Home #2
This one has a monstrous price tag - but apparently the owners are willing to look at offers much lower? (Shhh! - that's according to the agent insiders)

We're not sure if we liked either enough to put in an offer.
I posted them, just in case you'd want to look.
One of them was close - but as a whole package we're not sure if it'll work.

I'll keep you posted.


P.S. OHHHH, man I almost forgot this...

I had called the bank to get pre-approved, about a month ago.

At that time the interest rate they gave was 5.875%. So anyhow, when we got the revised truth in lending statement (from the bank) in our effort to buy this last house - the rate had jumped up to 6.6%. That is over a half a point in about 30 days.

Umm - hello - I thought rates were going down? I thought our economy was in a crunch? I thought the housing market was tough?

Apparently it wasn't quite as bad as I'd been hearing about.

Oh well. One day - I will be the lender, NOT the BORROWER!

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