Kids... Beware the Turkey Vultures!

Sometimes - you just gotta let the kids out to run around outside. You know... inside an apartment gets a little too cramped at times.

Around here... when the girls spend too much time outside playing, here's what you start to see hanging around.

Yep - that's a turkey vulture. Just outside our apartment.


Leave the kids outside a little bit longer, and here's what you see.

Lots more - like 50 or so - of those suckers flying around, zero-ing in on their prey.

It kinda reminds me of the old cartoons - where the vultures are flying overhead waiting for their food to keel over. It's a strange site.



I think it's time to come in now.

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Our Blogs said...

Maybe funnier than just seeing the vultures flying around in the sky, is the way the girls react to them...

They try and lie on the ground, and lay real still for a minute or two, to see if the birds will actually try and come down to eat them.

They think it's a fun thing to do. The ALWAYS get a big kick out of it.