It has been a while

It has been a long time since we updated this blog. There really has not been much going on. In the last few days the Humidity has finally gone down so we are starting to dream about playing outside again. We got the chance to do that yesterday. Al had an interview in Tampa. The girls adn I went with him so that we could spend the rest of the day at the beach. We went to Clearwater. It seems to be out favorite beach so far.It was an overcast day but still plenty warm to go swimming and play!There were thousands and thousands of jellyfish in the water. They had lost thier tenticals so they did could not sting. We were told by the on duty lifeguard that there was no problem and we could swim all we wanted to. He also told ud that they would only be there for a couple of days because of the tides. It was a very strange feeling to have all these jellyfish brushing up against you in the water. Infact it was so yucky that I only stood in the water and did not ever swim because I could not get past the feeling of the jelly fish hitting my hand and feet. The girls had so much fun picking them up and collecting them. Here are some of the ones that Kait collected.Pirate Jellyfish!
And here are Keeley's. After collecting Jellyfish the girls decided that they would try and catch the Seagulls! Here is Kait giving it her best try.
In other news Al had his Birthday on the 15th. So a couple of days before we met up with our friends and went to Chuckie Cheese. Al and Dan went for a head to head compitition with the dancing game! How could I resist getting photos of that!?!

I need to go get started on school with the girls. Later this week, On Friday, We will be going to Cypress Gardens for the homeschool day!! We are all really excited to spend the day there and go on all the rides! So I will post next time with photos from there!!

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