I have a lot to catch up on

So it has been forever since I posted any of my shopping deals. And it has not been because I have not gotten good deals or I stopped shopping with coupons. Sadly the sales had not been as good and I was making very small trips for only the best deals. Most of the things on sale we just would not use. So with so few things to take photos I just did not have the motivation to post them.
But that has changed this week!
Today I made stops at 2 stores, Winn Dixie and my favorite, Publix.
But before I get into that I want to tell you something really cool. I WON another Publix Gift card!!! This one was for $100.00 again! WAHOO!! What a blessing!

This one was from 7UP and Publix!
So here are my grocery trips that I made today. The first one is from Winn Dixie...

The total for all this before sales and coupons was $113.73. I paid $8.64! A savings of 92.5%. And I got back a $10.00 off coupon for my next purchase! So if you take that into account it was like I made $1.36 for all these things. I did 2 transactions so that I could take advantage of one $10.00 of coupon to get more items. Here is what I got...
14-Boxes of Kellogs cereal
6-Boxes of Fruit Kellogs snacks
3- loaves of Whole Wheat bread
3.5lbs. Grapes
4- Pack Klondike ice cream bars
6- Boxes ziplock bags.

And this is my Publix trip...
The total for all of this before sales and coupons $129.45. And the total after was only $7.93! A savings of 93%! I used my winning gift card to pay for it so really I had nothing out of pocket and it was all free! And this is what I got...
2- bags Sun Chips
4- bottles Sundown Vitamin D
1- 8oz package fresh Mushrooms (yum!)
8- cans Old Orchard frozen Juice
4- Schick razors
12- Glad Cling Wrap
24- packs Sprouts Organic Baby food (NO, I am not expecting! After coupons it was free and I thought it was a great thing to donate!)
2- bottles Rice Vinegar
1- bottle Sesame Oil
2- boxes Lucky Charms cereal
8- boxes Go-Gurt Yogurt
1- Kraft Olive oil Mayonnaise
1- bottle Suave Shampoo
1- pack Cream Cheese
And here is the really long receipt from Publix with Keeley to show just how big it is.


The Prudent Patron said...

Great job! How fun to have a $100 gift card to spend!

Anonymous said...

wow...thats amazing! What coupons did you use?

Becki said...

Wow...I need to go shopping with you!!! What couponse did you use?

InkyFingers said...

You Rock! I got the stamps today. Will be sending a package as soon as I can get to the PO.