A Bit of Snorkeling on the Choppy Keys

One of our primary goals was to get to the Florida Keys again so we could enjoy the great underwater environment with the girls. They seemed to LOVE it last time. So we were decided to splurge a bit and go back out snorkeling with them. But Chris was able to score some great Buy one get one coupons so we got half off our Snorkel trips! Always looking out for a deal!

These pics are from our trip down from a couple of months ago. I'm just finally getting the chance to share them.

Now, we've gone out with 3 different snorkel boats - and we even made it out BEFORE all the oil that BP has released into the Gulf hits the entire coastline and screws up most of the ecosystem. Unfortunately, it turned out to be fairly poor weather, so we had to put up with some super choppy water. However I would prefer vacationing out on the water over almost anything else - even if I had to put up with a little bit of sea sickness.

Here were a few pics from our trip this time:
This is one of the boats that we went on.

One of the many Barracuda that we saw. And he is even one of the smaller ones.

And this is one of the rare Kaitlyn fish!

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