Kait's foray into Braided Hemp Jewelry

Kait is definitely getting older. She is starting to like more mature topics. She's not so much into playing with Barbie and other toys as she used to be.

Here's an example:

they each had about $14 they could spend. Keeley bought Littlest Pet Shop. Kait bought jewelry making stuff.

Anyhow, tonight, I helped walk her through the process of hemp braiding - at least on a basic level. This was a great start, and she was totally thrilled with the results. AND, it took her quite a while. I think it'll be a nice time-consuming distraction in the weeks and months ahead.

This is good - as she is constantly looking for something to do besides play.


The perils of parenthood, and having children grow up.

I wish it weren't so.


Random Hiccups said...

Wow! Kait! They are so beautiful! Good Job! :)

InkyFingers said...

Incredible! I love it.

Sandi said...

Great job, you are talented just like your mom.

Jason V said...

pretty amazing looking bracelet!