National Park Gems... Get them while you can

I'm pretty sure we grabbed pictures of this gorgeous National Park Monument, but I can't find them right now.

If I do - I'll put them up.

Here's another reason to visit your National Parks NOW - and not to wait until you're older and have 'more time' to do it.

They're falling apart, literally. Every moment, every hour, every day, every storm drives them closer and closer to extinction.

And if you don't go there now, you could miss some of it.

Check out this National Park arch catastrophe.
From USA Today, and the Associated Press.


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Jason V said...

Hey, these things were probably formed soon after the flood 4500ish years ago. It's amazing that any of them surived this long. ;)

Try explaining "Delicate Arch" with "Millions of Years of Erosion". It doesn't work.

We're enjoying the beauty of the Montana Mountains. Absolutely amazing.