Junior Rangers - National Park Patches

I'm not sure if you remember ... but a little over a year ago, we did a cross country road trip with out kids.

As part of that trip we hit a BUNCH of national parks. At each park - we tried to get enough time for the kids to get the Junior Ranger Park patch.

Until now, we hadn't showed the huge stash of patches they were able to collect along the way. But, the other night, they had them out ... and so we grabbed a few shots.

I thought you might want to see:

Collecting these patches, from each of the National Parks, was a favorite part of the trip for the girls. And it gave us something cool to do at each of the parks.

I highly suggest hooking up this past-time if you travel to any parks across the U.S.


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Jason V said...

much more impressive than a set of Disney Mickey ears. :)