The new job - an interesting company...

Hey ...

It's been awhile, but there's good reason for it.

We had some crazy South African's over here staying at our place for about 3 weeks. And then we've been trying to recover over the last few days.

We'll put up more about that a little later.

But, a few of you have been asking about my new job. So I wanted to give a little run-down for you.

The funny thing is - it's not the same product as I used to sell - however we do sell to some of the same companies as I used to sell to. In fact, one of my old customers at Komatsu, is now a customer here - at my new company. Which is quite strange.

Anyhow, I am learning a tremendous amount about fluid systems, and piping, and tubing, and other things along those lines. It's very MANLY type stuff, which I know nothing about. Sometimes it feels like I'm trying to become ... Tim 'the-tool-man' Taylor here at work.

Here's an article about one of the projects they're involved in supplying.
Hydrogen House

Picture - David Biello / © SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN

You can see the logo in one of the pictures. It's a pretty high-quality company. The do a lot of cool stuff.

I'll talk more about it later, but I don't want to mention too many names, so I can protect the innocent.

Talk soon,


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