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I am feeling like writing about this, so please bear with me.

Lately, I have been trying to add more internet products I can sell. And I've been trying to do it quickly.

So, I learned about 2 techniques I want to briefly share with you. Not that you care, really, I just want to share. Okay?

If not, then there's no need to keep reading. Save yourself the 4 minutes and come back later, when I have something a little more interesting to say.


I am pre-supposing that you already have a topic you are interested in making money on the internet with. If not, that's in another post somewhere, I'm sure.

1. The first strategy, I learned about not too long ago, is to find a magazine in the Public Domain (based on your topic of interest).

So, for example, say you are good at re-building Harley Davidson motorcycles. And you wanted to make a product about that. You would scour the globe looking for motorcycle magazines in the Public Domain that might have something to do with building or re-building motorcycles.

Then, once you find a magazine on that topic, you'll find an article (from that magazine) that covers some portion of your topic.

Like, maybe...
- How to custom paint your re-built motorcycle
- How to re-wire your motorcycle
- How to pin-stripe your motorcycle
- How to find replacement parts for your re-built motorcycle

You get the point?

The Public Domain magazine works in this case, because it gives you good quality content, that you can basically use 'as if' you wrote it all yourself. It's a little harder to find good magazines than books, but usually they can help you get great, quick ideas for making products. If you research this topic a little bit, you'll find there are hundreds of thousands of magazines that are now in the Public Domain. Yep - that many!

This strategy works if you want to build a small empire of short little digital reports in your topic of interest, and you want to do it fairly quickly. The hardest part is finding good, quality magazines that have good content in them.

OK - now for strategy #2

Very similar to strategy #1, but with a slight twist.

In this strategy, you'll go to Google Books, and find a Public Domain book based on your topic.

Here's a good example...

'My Ideal Motorcycle' - I just did a quick search and found that article in a book on Google.

Never-the-less, there's bound to be an option or two for you to pick from in your niche.

Once you have a book that seems to match your topic. Go ahead and scan through it until you find a chapter, or a couple of chapters, that really focus in on the product you want to create, OR just what you want to say.

Once you have it focused like that, go ahead and use the content there to create the basis for your short report. Of course, you're not going to leave your product with the same words and verbiage they used in the 1905 book excerpt, are you?

No, I didn't think so!

So, you'll have to re-write some of it, but for the most part - THAT RIGHT THERE is a product you can sell as a short report, as part of your digital empire.

Alright, thanks for listening. I apologize if that was boring. But I had a GREAT TIME writing it.



Jason V said...

ok, very interesting ideas. I guess if you can find customers, you're in business.
If you can spend 1 hour of writing and get $50 in revenue over the next 5 years, that's a good investment.

I know someone who paid $10 for plans to build a "hydrogen booster" for his car. It turns out there are a few "free" plans floating around, if you take time to search and look. But if 100 people pay $10, then the originator made $1000 for their time. :)

Now I'm getting the itch to go searching through old documents and re-publish or make a video or something. I found a science book from 1800's that had chemistry experiments that would be awesome to re-publish. Sort of like the "Dangerous Book for Boys". Much of the content in there is from old-old books I think. Add a few diagrams or pictures, and Viola!

PS: I recommend "the Daring Book for Girls" for you guys. :)

Jason V said...

Do you even have Chickens or a Scroll Saw?

Maybe you and I could get into "Ideation" or "brainstorming" materials and such.