T.V. Addiction

O.K. So we have been in a Hotel now for 3 days now. And I have to say it has it's down sides. But I have to say I am totally diggin the cable T.V.!! Al and I have never had cabel t.v. in our house because well, we would be total couch potatoes. There is simply too much cool T.V and not enough time. So in this Hotel I am trying to get my fill of H.G.T.V! I love watching the design shows. So here is a silly photo of the T.V. in our room, because really what are blog posts with out photos?

The girls are liking the 2 phones in the room because they can talk to eachother on the phones. They are finding all kinds of games to play and act out that they never had the chance to befor ejust with a phone. I love great imaginations!
We did have a bit of a glitch with the closing of the house. I guess that there is a new person working at the escrow office and he/she did not let the buyers know in time to send the paper work in for the loan. So we are now at the mercy of the postal system. When the paper work gets in to the escrow office we will be going in to sign on the sale! It should be today or tomorrow.
So when we have an update on the actual closing we will let you know!

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