Our cross country inspiration... A Japanese tourist?

I'd like to introduce you to a good friend...


Love the 'Mug Shot'

While I was busy working, for the last 7 years, at Komatsu, I met this crazy guy from Japan. He liked to THINK he was working here in the U.S., but to be quite honest, mostly all he did was play.

- Snowboarding
- Fishing
- Mountain biking

- Driving his Ford over practically every inch of the entire west coast

Taku's amazing trips were one of the biggest reasons I even wanted to make this driving trek with Christy and the little Chits.

Here's a small sampling of some of his past adventures...

Thanks Taku-san, for all the killer snowboarding trips and the memories!

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tnakajima said...

Hey Al, long time no see!
I'm really proud of you because you have driven lots of place.
Also thanks for introduce me, I liked your comment especially "to be quite honest, mostly all he did was play." :)
I think everything is okay on your new place, and I will visit there in someday. Pls send me a letter some time!