Our Mobile Home for the Next Couple Months...

OK, now you know - partly - why we're getting out of Oregon.
Now we want to show you our home for the next couple months.

The temporary mobile home - during the move.

If you're interested in the story of how we got the tent trailer - I'd love to tell you sometime. That's one of our best, most enjoyable purchases we've ever made.

God Bless,

1 comment:

e-rat said...

The car, i want one like those, looks aweseome!
You're trailer, not too bad, looks comfortable, concerning the circumstances you live currently.

As for the challenge at your new place and your journey, there's one thing i'd like to share with you: CANI (constant and neverending improvement)

Thought i have not lived what you have, i know moving to another place is always combined with challenging situations, look at them as challenge and not as problems. Remember, there are no problems, just solutions you have to figure out!

Cant wait to read more about your journey.

How about Jesus? He traveled alot either.

For now, i wish you good luck and good exercises while practicing camping to an excellent status! ;)