The next couple months, and 'The Move'...

The end of May we (the Speer family) are embarking on a relatively exciting adventure.

Every heard of Lewis & Clark?

How about Marco Polo?
Piece of Cake

Chrisopher Columbus?

Actually, they were important! But to us... this feels a little bit like those 'big adventures'.

We have felt like something needed to change in our lives... Something big!
And I felt a pushing in my spirit to head east. I wasn't sure where. So I prayed about it, and we visited a couple places. Finally, I felt like (in my spirit) that God wanted us to head to Florida. So we all decided that was an okay thing to do. NOT great - mind you - but okay. I don't particularly love heat and featureless landscape, but we all think we can survive. Maybe even THRIVE, in a new environment.

Anyhow, it's kinda hard to explain, but it just feels like a synthesis of several things coming together leading us to Florida. Surely you've felt the desire, in your heart, to try something WILD from time to time? Maybe not moving to a new state, but...

- a new job
- a new relationship
- rekindling an old friendship
- visiting a new place
- saying something you would have never said before
- giving to something you would have never given before
- fill in your overwhelming, 'out of the ordinary' desire here - ______________.

That's how we feel.

And even if I'm wrong, I believe everything will work out for the good. God has taken good care of us so far, and I believe He will keep doing it, as long as I'm happy to give Him the credit for it.

All the best,

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