Got to love Target!

So take a look at this photo and guess how much I paid for all of this.

If you can't make it all out there is a cute purse, 2 lightweight running jackets and 2 4 packs of ladies socks.
So what would you guess? $50.00? $30.00? Here is a little help, the regular retail for all this would have been $68.95. Well here is what I paid for all this $0.00!!
Yep that is correct! I did not make a mistake. I paid absolutely nothing out of pocket for all this. The purse and jackets are on clearance for $2.50 and $4.98. I used Target store coupons that I got right off the web site for $3.00 off any Marona purse and $5.00 off any C9 by Champion apparel. So after coupons they were free. And the socks were on sale for $5.00 each and with the $5.00 off coupon they were also free. And thanks to the tax free shopping weekend there was no tax and so nothing out of pocket!
Unfortunately, I don't think they are still available on the Target site. You have to be quick to print those type of coupons because they never last long. But they do have the fairly often!
By saving them and looking for clearance items you can very often get free or super cheap items at Target. Just another reason to love shopping there! The expiration dates on these types of coupons are anywhere from 2-3 weeks out to 2 months. So plenty of time to look for deals
Let me know if you score any deals! I love to hear about them!

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Wow! Thats amazing!