So yesterday I did a little shopping. We went to 3 stores. Publix (grocery), Target and CVS. Here is everything that I got.
The total spent for all of this was $1.68!
First stop was Target where I got all of the Crackers. They were on sale and I used coupons for them all. I had 4/$1.50 off of the Wheatables and All brann crackers. And I used 2/$1.00 Target store coupons and 2/$1.00 Manufactures coupons for the pepperidge farms pretzel thins. The total was $2.96 and I paid for it with the free $5.00 gift card that I got from last week.
Then next stop was Publix where I got 6 bags of Fisher Trail mix. It was on sale BOGO which made it .89 a bag. I used 6/$1.00 off manufactures coupons to get them free with an .11 overage for each bag! So I got the Apple sauce on sale BOGO making them $1.16 each. I used 2/.75 of manufactures coupons and the overage from the trail mix coupons and the total came to .20 cents!! That is right .20cents!
Next stop was CVS. They had the shampoo and conditioner on clearance for .99 each. I got 8 bottles and I used 4/.55off 2 manufactures coupons. Also when I got there I scanned my CVS card and got a coupon for $5.00 off a $15.00 purchase. That is before coupons! So I also got the Revlon lipstick. It was on sale BOGO and I had 2/$2.00 manufactures coupons. The total for purchases at CVS was 1.48! And I have $4.00 in CVS credit to spen next time I go in!
Not too bad for a little shopping trip. Thankfully all the stores are close together and basically just down the road from us. So I do not spend much in gas going to 3 different stores. I actually made another stop at Winn Dixie to use a rain check that I have but they still do not have what I wanted back in stock. So that would have been added too but I guess it will have to wait till next time.
I have started my weekly Publix list and it looks like it will be a good one with lots of free and money maker things! The new sale start on Thursday here. So that is when I plan my shopping trip for the week. I usually don't go twice in a sale but I was able to get more coupons for the trail mix so why not go and get something that you enjoy for free?!

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