Deals for all!

So I thought that I would post the deals that I got today. And these are some that even those of you in Oregon can get!
So the first deal is the Ocean Spray juice. It is on sale this week at Target for $1.98 for a 64oz. bottle. If you go to there is a Target coupon for $1.00 off of one bottle. So that makes it .98 for each bottle! Targets coupon policy will allow you to use 5 coupons at a time. And if you happen to have a manufactures coupon for the same thing you can stack them with the store coupon. (I was not able to find any manufactures coupons for this.)SO for all 4 bottles I paid $3.92. Great deal for Juice. I also got some of these last week so we have been enjoying the juice here at home.
The other deal is for the Campbell's soup. This week at CVS they are on sale for 2/$1.00. There is a coupon that you can print here ( and it is for $1.00 off 2. SO when you use the coupon with the sale at CVS I got them for free! I was able to print out 2 coupons from my printer at home. So I walked in to CVS and got 4 cans of chicken noodle soup for FREE! Not a penny spent! I think that before the week is up I will have Al print me 2 more coupons from his work so that I can get 4 more!
So all in all I got 4 bottles of juice and 4 cans of soup for 3.92. Not bad!
Let me know if you decide to do any of these deals I would love to know!
Have fun!
Also here is a great tip for you! You can print the Target store coupons right at your Target store! That is what I did today. You can do it right from the computers at the front of the store, the same ones where you can look up the wedding and gift registries. There is a link to on the first starting page. click that and then go down to the bottom of the page and there is a link that says grocery coupons. Click that and a screen will pop up with all the Target store coupons that are on the site. Just click the ones that you want and the printer will print them out for you! You can do this even if you Target store is not a super Target. They all have a small amount of groceries in every store. And so far all the store coupons are for things that are at the Target closes to me. None of them are Super Targets with full grocery stores in them.

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