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It's funny...

I find it strange to write about this topic, and yet I LOVE to write about it.

Websites - are a big passion for me.

Recently, I've been working on improving several of mine, and my sales are going up.

One of the sites I wanted to share with you - covers a rather strange topic...


Not baseball bats, but rather the flying kind.

What's weird to me, is that I actually charge people money to know this kind of information. That's true! Honest! And people actually pay me, for what I know. That's true as well! Honest!



I first discovered this topic while doing research on 'houses'. I was thinking about making a product about home renovations, and I noticed the topic of bats kept coming up in some of my searches.

From there - I went and looked at 'bats' and tried to figure out what was going on with them. Soon after that, it became clear that there was one key question a lot of people had about bats.

And so - I decided to test out the market with a quick little one page website. I set up the site and sent website visitors to the one page. And I started getting a response right away. So I knew it was going to be a good topic to create a product for.

It's taken me about 6 months now, to finally be able to start creating my product. But I expect to create it, and start selling it in the next month or so. I'll let you know how things go as it progresses.

I just felt like sharing a little bit about how the whole process works out, and how these obscure little ideas can really have a big impact on your life.

You know... one little topic can have a small affect on you. But if you throw together 5-10 of these things, then all the sudden, you're talking about a lot of little things having a big impact.

I might make more from my websites than my teaching job this month... SICK!

Talk soon,

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